Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen


+Benefit: Longevity - Endocrine Tonic - Phytonutrients - Libido 

+Ingredients: Wildcrafted Raw Whole Cell Canadian Pine Pollen 

+How to Use: Mix 1/2 tsp. in water, tea, blended potions, smoothies! 

+What is it: Pine pollen is collected within the pollen-saturated cones, tiny grains on male cones that collect within the cone for harvesting. It contains 220+ phytonutrients. It is a nutrient dense superfood full of plant hormone compounds that can help support all physiological functions in human cells including hormone function & immune support. 

+Why do we need this: An adaptogenic tonic that may support immune health, focus and energy, as well as providing antioxidants and boosting endocrine and immune functions.

***For people worried about pollen allergies, they should consider the information provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease, which states: “pine tree pollen is produced in large amounts by a common tree, but it is not a major cause of pollen allergies for most people. This is because the components in pine pollen are less likely to cause an allergic reaction."

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