A hydrating blend of floral essences + minerals crafted to soothe and build strong skin. Works beautifully for aging, stressed, hormonally imbalanced, breakout prone, or inflamed skin

+Benefit: Nectar is a herbal balancing infusion that moisturizes, softens, and soothes irritation. Calms inflammation with the help of  Aloe + Witch Hazel. Pure, organic hydrosols of Frankincense + Rose help to repair + build a firm, resilient foundation. 

+Ingredients: Rose + Frankincense hydrolat, Witch Hazel hydrolat, Fractionated Aloe Barbadensis distillate, Ionic Silica, Colloidal Silver, Essential oils of: Bulgarian Rose, Helichrysum


+How to Use: Spray directly onto clean, damp skin prior to applying serum & moisturizer.

+What is it: Toning botanical + mineral face mist 

+How does this apply to your daily routine: This botanical toner maximizes the absorption of your serum. Use before applying your moisturizer for optimal results. 

Fractal Quality Statement: We will always source the finest ingredients possible. Providing a trusted source for all high vibrational Earth medicine. We are on a mission to source the highest vibrational plant medicine on the Earth. All of our products are crafted by hand in small batches on Kauai with quality ingredients from organically certified suppliers. Our medicines reflect our desire to preserve and share the ethnobotanical wisdom of the Earth.

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