Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin

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Shilajit is one of the most nutrient dense substances on the planet. Laboratory analysis of Shilajit reveals a complete spectrum of every essential mineral on the planet in Ionic form - the most easily absorbable and assimilated by the human body. Scientist also found amino acids, fulvic & humic acids, ellagic acid, fatty acids & plant sterols.



Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin sustainably sourced from Nepal. 

Our Shilajit has been lab tested and is free of any heavy metals or contaminants.

14 Grams - 44 - 55 Servings - 15 ML Miron Jar

28 Grams - 88 - 111 Servings - 30ML Miron Jar 

60 Grams - 188 - 222 Servings - 50ML Miron Jar

120 Grams - 376 - 444 Servings - 2 x 50ML Miron Jar

You can infuse Shilajit into any warm tea, coffee, smoothie, or spring water.

We recommend taking a piece about the size of a grain of rice (~100 mg) once per day to start. After a few days, take the same amount 2-3 times per day. Then gradually increase the amount of Shilajit taken with each dose up to a large pea size (~300 mg) until you achieve the desired benefits.

How to Use

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a powerhouse of nutrients and biologically active organic substances that is pressed from the Earth high in the Himalayan mountains. Genuine Shilajit takes millions of years and perfect conditions to produce. The pressure from the weight of the mountains and the extreme temperature changes of the Himalayas causes the plants to be transformed into a rich mineral mass that flows out of the rocks. The Shilajit we source is a dense resin, found veined within rocks and carefully purified so that no sediment or rock remains. The environment is pristine and free from pollutants, fertilizers and chemicals.


Pure Himalayan Shilajit from this particular region and altitude is highly prized by Ayurvedic specialists and is considered to possess great healing powers. Shilajit is a Sanskrit word meaning “conqueror of mountains” and “destroyer of weakness”. It is believed to be a powerful adaptogen, which balances and strengthens the body allowing it to function at an optimal level.

Rejuvenation Substance

In Ayurveda, Shilajit is believed to be a rasayana or rejuvenation substance. Many health issues can be traced to mineral or nutrient deficiencies. Shilajit contains many vital & essential trace minerals needed for our cellular functions; the high concentrations of fulvic acid present in Shilajit help transport the minerals deep into the tissues, into the body. These mineral elements are in ionic form, which means that the body can more easily absorb them. Shilajit increases the production of the body’s primary fuel supply adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  This energy supply is made by the mitochondria in every cell as they convert food into ATP or energy.

Enhance Bioavailability

Fulvic acid is considered to be one of the most powerful electrolytes known to man. It enhances the permeability of cell membranes, and can improve the healthy permeability of the digestive tract. Fulvic Acids greatly enhance the bioavailability of trace minerals required by the body to function optimally. The Fulvic acids in Shilajit have the ability to restore electrical balance to damaged cells. 

Why Fractal?

We believe in creating a more beautiful world through sharing the highest quality botanical treasures that we can find, while supporting the Earth’s ecosystems and sustainable harvesting practices.

We are on a mission to source the highest vibrational plant medicine on the Earth. All of our products are crafted by hand in small batches on Kauai with quality ingredients from organically certified suppliers. Our medicines reflect our desire to preserve and share the ethnobotanical wisdom of the Earth.

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kameron s.
United States
Rooted Into The Ancient Earth

The best Shilajhit I have ever tried. Truly the Conquerer of Mountains, Destroyer of Weakness. To the journey within the utmost of your power. ☀️

K C.
United States United States
Tried this Shilajit brand

The product appears to be authentic, it does melt with the warmth of your hands, dissolves in water easily, dark in color, and the same strong odor.

United States United States
Deep nourishment

The Shilajit is a masterpiece....A full and impressive taste & consistency ..

Australia Australia
The truth is...

I had been loving FF Shilajit for quite some time, for so many great reasons, but recently decided to try another brand or two. After the trials, I’m back here, and I will never try another brand again. FF Shilajit is the best! My autoimmune inflammation disappears, my focus is clear, and my sexy is back. ;) Promise I won’t be switching again! Sorry I ever did!


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