White Rose DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil
White Rose DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil
White Rose DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil

White Rose DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil

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The essence of the White Rose flower, known as the oil of love, synergistically blended with the cellular generation of DHA, creates a medicine alchemized with the intention of awakening the divine heart space, while activating & calming the mind & nervous system.




Water Extracted Chromista Algae Oil, Organic Bulgarian White Rose oil.

25 servings per 50ML Miron glass bottle @ 1000 MG per day - 25,000 MG DHA per bottle  - 250 MG EPA per bottle

Maintenance Dose :  2 x full droppers per day. Can be taken with or without food. 

Building Dose : 4 - 6 x full droppers per day. Consistency is key to see results.

How to Use

What is DHA?

The DHA that we source is from a wild strain of Chromista Algae. It is a pure, natural water extracted oil produced by a fermentation method using a patent pending water extraction process for purification. The purest most potent DHA on the market 550mg of DHA per 1 Gram of Oil.

DHA is a major structural component of the cerebral cortex

Algae DHA supplements are the best option for people who have a vegan based diet

Micro-Algae DHA is a long chain polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acid. It is a basic component of the liver, heart, brain, and eyes. It is a major structural component of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for memory, language, creativity, emotion, and attention. The body does not have the ability to synthesize essential fatty acids, so you have to get them from food or supplements. They are the preferred building blocks of the brain cell membranes and nerve cells. When DHA is not available your body will use the fats that are available, but this leads to suboptimal brain functioning. Algae DHA supplements are the best option for people who have a vegan based diet. By getting your DHA from algae directly you are cutting out the fish and going directly to the source ALGAE. Our DHA contains no Mercury or other heavy metal contaminants.

Improved Cognitive Function

Ingesting this oil on a regular basis, with consistency, can help with improved cognition, memory retention.

Why Fractal

We believe in creating a more beautiful world through sharing the highest quality botanical treasures that we can find, while supporting the Earth’s ecosystems and sustainable harvesting practices.

We are on a mission to source the highest vibrational plant medicine on the Earth. All of our products are crafted by hand in small batches on Kauai with quality ingredients from organically certified suppliers. Our medicines reflect our desire to preserve and share the ethnobotanical wisdom of the Earth.

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Daniel K.
United States United States
Amazingly potent & pure

I experienced such an interesting synchronicity in relation to this product, in particular the white rose aspect. I received the product in the mail, was so happy to use it, and had to run out to work to see a client. The whole ride there I was amazed by the purity and the white rose was working its magic on me. I arrived to my client, who had just recently lost a friend and was still processing lots of grief. The night before he passed he gave her a white rose and thanked her for all she'd done for him. I got goosebumps, as the flavor of the white rose lingered in my mouth. I shared with her about the fractal forest product and having just received it, and we both saw it as a beautiful synchronicity that all healing is so intertwined... and the magic is there to be witnessed if only we have eyes to see it. -----> So long story short, I believe this product works in deep and compassionate ways with the nervous system and brain and heart --- with your whole being... Waste no time and order it for yourself... You'll be supporting a sweet & soulful community and this work ripples out to all... To self care, to white rose, to the grief we can feel sometimes, which may be born out of love, and hopefully can with grace return to that. Cheers to DHA & White Rose!

A Syncromystic Customer
Adam S.
United States United States
My favorite DHA

This is by far my favorite flavor DHA. DHA has become a daily part of my life and the White Rose just makes it that much better.

Krystal M.
United States United States
Just get it


Kylie P.
United States United States
Incredible for Focus!

I have had a beautiful experience with this DHA it was my first time since going vegan adding a DHA supplement into my lifestyle but I am so happy I did. It has helped my brain function at a better level and I have gained more clarity in focus throughout the day. Especially when working on projects!


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