Sagittarius New Moon

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2019 has been a year of great change.

Constant evolving to match our highest potential as high vibrational earth beings.

In each moment we have the choice to choose our reality, what steps do we take to consistently move towards a space of growth & loving awareness.

With each New Moon we are gifted the ability to set intentions for the 28 day lunar cycle that follows.

The ending of a cycle and the beginning of another.

Planting seeds for our highest visions to manifest into reality, this new moon in Sagittarius is the last new moon before the 12/26 Solar Eclipse & our last chance to act on the goals that we set this year & complete what we have been working on.

Father Sun Conjunct Mother moon gives us a heightened boost of creative energy & manifestation

Let us work with this energy & cultivate the abundance that is overflowing from within us at all times, awakening to this dream of life.

In honor of this powerful lunar cycle & our heartfelt gratitude for all of the support that you have given our Fractal Family we would like to offer you a 33% off code to end this year in a space of gracious abundance

Use Coupon Code: ABUNDANCE for a limited time to save 33% off your entire order.

Infinite Mahalos,

Finn Elea

Sagittarius New Moon Special - Black Friday / Cyber Monday DHA, Shilajit, CBD

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