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As we begin the year of 2020 together, we are reminded that our clarity comes from consistency.

Consistently doing the simple things that raise our vibration.

We are here to offer you the gift of medicine and insight (from our experience) into what tools work best to align your day with frequencies of clarity, purity, and joy.

This is the year of perfect vision, sovereignty, and stoking our inner fire to glow brighter than ever before.

Each rising with the Sun, we have the opportunity to be reborn - to begin this life with a clear slate, clear page - clear intentions. What we have found on our journey is that by consciously choosing to set the tone of our vibration first thing in the rising, the rest of our day follows suit.

Feels intuitive to prepare ourselves for the day ahead with a little energetic preparation, agree?

If we don’t, our energy, our emotions (Energy in Motion), and therefore our entire day of existence is at the whim of circumstance.

When we go out into the cosmic ceremonial ocean of life WITHOUT any vibrational tuning - we feel lost, confused, and powerless.


When we tune, we glow.

When we glow, we grow.

When we grow...great health and abundance become the flow.


On that note, as promised…

Here is some of what works for the Fractal Family in the rising:

TECHNOLOGY: We DO NOT check our phones first thing in the rising - that derails focus & intention.

MEDITATE: Immediately upon rising, we sit in meditation - this allows for us to return to the center of our being, full of joy for existing in this body. This doesn’t need to be a 3 hour Kriya Technique... sit with yourself for 5-10 minutes, and simply be.

BREATHE: We cannot possibly explain the depth of importance of this one with words...we are nothing without our breath. We would cease to exist in this life. Breathing is the only thing we do alllllll day long without thinking about it. Imagine the power & centered energy that flows when we consciously breathe...it’s pure magic.

MEDICINE: We take our medicine. This varies from day to day as we attune to what our soul needs...but for the most part, we consistently take CBD, Shilajit, and DHA. Each of those are linked for you to dive deeper into our site on all the magic and healing they offer...but to keep it simple for you, they are ancient plant medicines, offered to us by Mother Earth, for the purpose of healing our minds, bodies, and spirits to the frequencies of equanimity and universality - in simpler words: peace and oneness. Who doesn’t desire that?

You can purchase the CBD, Shilajit, and DHA together with our Essentials 444 Kit ➳

As a gift to you, for simply BEing you, and for taking the initiative in this year of vision alignment to love yourself more, use this code for 22% off any of our medicines. 

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**This offering ends (1/22/19)**

 Thank you for your energy reading this offering…

Perhaps you already knew these things...as we did for many years before becoming consistent - a reminder never hurts.

We hope and trust this message finds you IN-joy and flow with The Universe.


Infinite blessings,

Fractal Family

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