11/11 Abundance Portal

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Opening to the expansion within each breath we welcome the 11/11 portal followed by the full moon in the sun sign of Taurus.

These energies bring a state of abundant change, following our heart tuning into what motivates us on a soul level.

The universe is asking us to speak our truth with emphasis on what we would like to manifest in this life.

What inspires us to wake up each rising and thank the universe for this precious gift of life we have been blessed with.

This moon is bringing strong energies of abundance, creating a perfect time to tune into what we would like to manifest and what we are calling into our life.

Eye practice holding space for infinite abundance by listening to my being and having the courage to follow my guidance. Eye trust in my divine connection to the higher self and am always grateful for the eternal wisdom that comes through. Eye have found that by honoring the space eye hold on this way my analytical mind quiets and eye am aligned with abundant manifestation. We are infinitely abundant!

As 2020 approaches and we co-create in these final days of 2019, let us release that which no longer serves us making room for the magnificence, clarity, and activation that is here now and awaiting us in the new year.

We are excited to share a new creation with you! We have alchemized a very special medicine Vegan DHA blended with Bulgarian White Rose Oil

The white rose is a sign of the goddess of the moon and all that is feminine. Symbolizing the power of the goddess, the four elements, seasons & directions. Bringing life to where there was previously none. Activating the white light energy that is within us all, ready to awaken.

A special gift from us to you...

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Bless your temple

Be your best self & thrive with

High Vibrational Earth Medicines


Blessings Tribe


White Rose DHA


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